Chandra Pasma MPP, Ottawa West–Nepean

Government of Ontario

Protect Human Rights in an Emergency

Intense storms are occurring more frequently due to climate change. As recently as Spring of 2022, Ottawa saw a massive storm that knocked out electricity to huge parts of the city for weeks. These storms will continue to happen with more frequency.

People with mobility challenges that live in apartment and condominium buildings face incredibly difficult circumstances when the power goes out and the elevators stop working. Their access to services, supports, and community is cut off. They are unable to leave their building and they become prisoners in their own home. Access to water is also threatened by lengthy power outages.

The Protecting Human Rights During an Emergency Act will ensure that all apartment and condominium buildings have a back-up power generator that is capable of running an elevator, lights in hallways, and water pumps for a period of two weeks while the power grid in an affected area is restored.

Ensuring people can freely leave their units is absolutely essential, and yet there are currently no requirements for landlords to provide back up power generators that can facilitate this.

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